The plan was carefully assembled to be effortless and the best thing about effortless plans was the work that went into them. All the possibilities considered, the anticipation rising, a heightened feeling of openness around the chest. 

When she arrived, she was instructed to just turn up. There was an address plugged into her phone before she boarded her flight and her mind never moved away from a hand around her neck. She caught herself tilting her head back, presenting whilst she sat at the gate, as she stretched in her seat and when she settled onto the train heading into central Amsterdam. 

This trip required a suitcase, she felt extremely sophisticated with a small suitcase, her immaculately cut trench-coat and platform boots. Even if the cobbles hated them. 

She saw the door from across the canal. As she pulled her bag of goodies across the street her neck lifted again. She noted how aware of the movement of her chest. She inhaled before ringing the bell. 

“Come up.” Returned the box by the door. The door clicked, her pants were wet as she stepped up and through to a darkened stairwell. Above her a door opened and she climbed the steep staircase that the Dutch smartly installed, her pubis throbbed as she brushed her clit on the ascent.

Pushing open the door she was familiar with the sight before her. Not that she had been here before, but of him. His energy, the anticipation, it was carefully effortless. 

Taking her bag from her, sliding her coat from her shoulders he sunk his head into her neck, smelling her deeply. He knew she was wet. Tonight was to be sensual. Tomorrow was different, exactly how she wanted it. 

He unpacked her suitcase in the bedroom whilst she went to wash up and he was certain she would be wearing something more uncomfortable when she emerged. Wrapped in a kimono she rolled a thin cigarette and opened the french windows to the night air. He was ready to devour her.

Bending slightly to extinguish her smoke, she heard gentle surefooted steps, he stopped her from turning round by sliding an expert hand along her bum cheeks. His arm spanned her chest and pressed enough so her breathing deepened. He whispered in her ear to please do as she was told. He expected obedience, she did not want to disappoint. 

Nodding, she breathed “Yes, Sir.” And instinctively her right foot stepped out to feel her labia part, her back arched, her head tipped back. He stiffened at her natural response. 

Tonight he could take his time with her. He would need her to be at her full strength tomorrow. Ready to take his orders; which will push both their boundaries and their connection. He slid his index finger inside her lips, pushed his middle finger into her wet, hot cunt, gently squeezing her neck as she gasped aloud to the night air, on the balcony in Amsterdam.

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