Create for the hell of it.

I sometimes start new projects or begin learning a new skill and in this time of social channels I move to create an Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook Page, whatever…

To show off what I’ve done, to target like-minded creators, to get praise in the form of notifications… it is fleeting.

It then becomes consuming and in turn becomes a chore. I have found myself changing my writing style, drawing things I’ve saw others draw, feeling the pressure to complete sets of things. The fun gets totally lost, the creativity becomes driven by others and not internal and I loose my flow state. 

I just want to say if you are like me then it is ok to create just for you, or friends or family. It’s ok to just make things and keep them in your home, or make them for gifts, or give them to strangers.

I have accounts for drawing, life, design and my interests. Even having separate accounts for drawing and design seems crazy but they don’t appeal to the same people, right? There is a ‘lewk’, a visual ethos and as a graphic designer I pride myself on my variability. My ability to don many hats, mould into different styles. I am multi-faceted and I am beginning to learn to let go of my need for outside validation. 

I’ve created many new things and learnt a couple of new skills in the last few months. I am not perfect at these, I have refrained from taking pictures of gifts made for friends and I am focusing on the joy I get in crafting something for the sake of crafting it. 

It is ok to make things that aren’t perfect, to spend time working on a piece or project that never sees the light of day. The work doesn’t need to be immaculate, or a masterpiece. It becomes a meditation again.