The body, the mind, the temptation, the greed, the want, the loss.

To talk joy in each moment. To be grateful about each event and situation. Each night that I’ve lost to thought. Each day that passed in a daze.

They can’t be caught and relived. They are lessons to greet the next ones with fresh and alert eyes.

Wild passion will get you there but you’ll have your eyes closed. The memory committed for just a brief gasp. To recollect? Impossible.

To slowly burn your connection into wood. To mark it as a route of your attention means you’ll notice each step, each moment a careful placement towards your desired destination.

To live too clean, too pious, too sweet, too proper is to remove pleasure. And pleasure without craving can and must be enjoyed. Pleasure and purity are not mutually exclusive.

Funny how greedy I got.

A Nobel silence or not it was a moment in my time I can never forget. My tongue wasn’t around to participate but my body felt every single moment.

This too shall change.

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